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Welcome to my kind of music - Country music!


Nelson Tucker


Words to Music, LLC

Nashville & Chatsworth, CA

Why I Write Music


First and foremost, I love country music!

I prefer the piano over guitar and although I own 5 pianos and keyboards, I don't play them as well as I should. I'm currently taking piano lessons for songwriters with a real pro. My experiences lend me the inspiration for writing "down home" country music lyrics  and I can hear the melody in my head as I write.  I write the kind of music that I love to hear! Every song must tell a story - I like ones that make you feel good in the end! 


Ideas jotted on scrap paper often transition into music

I like to take a theme and develop it into a story that hopefully becomes a musical masterpiece that people will enjoy and remember.

I will be driving and see something so simple and jot down a possible title. When I get to the studio, I typically write a song in 60 minutes.  Of course, I always have to rewrite when I see it from an outsider's point of view! 

Sometimes when I hear a new song, it gives me the inspiration to ....


Music reminds me of the night

Nighttime brings good vibes and represents a time when people enjoy life.  I like to think of it as the time of day when music soothes your soul.

There's nothing like listening to classic country music - I mean, slow country music - in the evening hours with one you love!

If I could listen to a "feel good" Country ballad any time of day, I would enjoy it to the fullest!

Looking for Music Partners

If you can put melody to my lyrics....

We could make beautiful music together!

Right now, I'm sitting on 31 songs ready to be put to melody!

I am currently co-writing with Dan McGowan and Ken Medema who are both extremely talented.

I am also looking for talent to record demos for my music.  Send me an email if you've got a great Country music voice to nelson@WordstoMusic.us 


I can write but don't play any instrument as well as I could ....

Well, that's why I'm reaching out to you!

Contact me at nelson@WordstoMusic.us 

or call 1-818-224-8603

Some of My Favorite Artists

George Strait


Pure down to earth sounds that are classic!

One of my favorite songs is 

"I Cross My Heart"

Alan Jackson


This guy can sing! What a voice!

One of my favorite songs is 

"Remember When"

Garth Brooks


Pure down to earth sounds that are classic!

One of my favorite songs is 

"If Tomorrow Never Comes"

Faith Hill


This is where beauty and voice come together!

One of my favorite songs is 

"This Kiss"

Tim McGraw


A voice that will tame a bronco! That's good!

One of my favorite songs is 

"Please Remember Me"

Randy Travis


He will live with us 'forever and ever, Amen!'

One of my favorite songs is 

"I Told You So"

Groups That influenced my writing



I have seen them live on several occasions over the past 30+ years and am never disappointed. One of my favorites is 

"Close Enough to Perfect."

Diamond Rio


Had the pleasure of sitting down with them in California in 2015 and talking about Nashville. One of my favorites is 

"One More Day"

Chris Young


Chris has such a flexible voice with one of the widest ranges in the Country Music Business. One of my favorites is 

"Gettin' You Home"



I was "amazed" to meet Richie McDonald while at a charity event in Nashville in 2018. Two of my favorites are 

"Amazed" and "I'm Already There"

Brooks & Dunn


Everybody was sad that they split a few years back. Ronnie has continued with his music and Kix has a winery - a great one outside of Nashville, really! One of my favorites is "Cowgirls Don't Cry"

Tim Atwood

Tim Atwood Music

Great entertainer and keyboard artist! Spent 25+ years on the Grand Ole Opry. A real pro and a class act!

More about Tim

Current Influencers

Chris Young

Thomas Rhett

Brad Paisley

Blake Shelton

Toby Keith

Jerrod Niemann

Josh Turner


Member of BMI, NSAI, SGA, Tennessee Songwriters Association International, West Coast Songwriters

I am fortunate that I studied under Rob Seals at The Songwriting School of Los Angeles 

and was influenced by songwriter, Jimmy Webb

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- Should Have Gone to Nashville

- When the Going Gets Tough

- One Can Make a Difference

- The Best Thing I Never Met

- It's Just Another Cliche

- Christmas in Nashville

- Country Music Cruise

- How to Get You Back

- Just One Plane Away

- Fifth and Broadway

- Our Next 100 Years

- You're Not My Car

- Frozen Strangers

- If They'd Ask Me

- I Am Just Me

All works copyrighted   

© 2004-2019

Where to find me


Moving there soon! My company is based there. Travel to Nashville regularly

Los Angeles

That's where I have lived since 1972 and where I write most of my music

Palm Desert

I get away to the Desert every 2 weeks and write in peaceful solitude

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