I write Country music - California style!
Words to Music

Welcome to my kind of music - Country music!

My Latest Music

"Fifth and Broadway"

The night brings a sad, sad story as he needs a fifth to get him through his day

"Should Have Gone to Nashville"

Guitar player lamenting about not moving to Nashville to become a star

"Country Music Cruise"

Having a great time onboard the Country Music Cruise in January 2019

Writers & Performers who I admire

nelson tucker songwriter

I really like the friends that I have made in the music business.  Three of my favorites are listed below.  Take a look at their websites to get to know them better.

People I Write With and/or admire

Tim Atwood

Tim spent over 30 years on the keyboards at the Grand Ole Opry. Tim lives in Nashville.  See his amazing musical story at  www.TimAtwood.com 

Dan McGowan

Great songwriter.  Hilarious comedian who also does voice overs and is the perfect Emcee for corporate events.  Go to www.DanMcGowan.com

Caley Rose

Caley and I have collaborated on 2 songs and it is a pleasure working with her.  She is an actress and does voice overs.  www.CaleyRose.com